Cat's Eye (Lahasunya) - Represents Ketu

Cat's Eye (Lahasunya) - Represents KetuChrysoberyl cat' eye perfectly mimics the ghostly appearance of ]:he eye of a cat caught in a pair of head­lights at nighY Because chrysoberl is often yellowish in colour, the greek word chryso, meaning golden was added to its name to distinguish it from BERYL. Chryosberyl is very rarely found as gem quality making it arare and costly gemstone.[he stone comes in two colors: translucent, honey brown or apple green, and is cut into high-domed cabochons. A silken-sheened slit of silvery white glides across the face of the dome whenever the gem is tilted slightly, widening and narrowing like the iris of a cat's eye. This eerie effect is caused by tiny, hair-like inclusions reflecting in the light and is known as chatoyancy. While this characteristic appears in other gems, none has the
clarity and impact of cat's eyes in chrysoberylj

The value of a chrysoberyl cat's eye is determined by the sharpness of the eye and the richness and luster of the stone's color. Some chrysoberyl cat's eyes exhibit what is known as a milk-and-honey effect. The Most important locations in which chrysoberyl is found include the Ural Mountains of Russia, Southern India, Sri Lanka, Burma ( Myanmar), Zimbabwe and Brazil . Although chrysoberyl is found in the United states, there are no major sources of the mineral there.

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