Diamond (Heera) - Represents Venus

Diamond (Heera) - Represents VenusDiamond is the hardest naturl substance and the mostvalued gemstone. The name comes from the Greek word adamas meaning ‘invincible ‘ and this alludes to the hardness and durability of diamond. The stones are m ore intensively mines and strictly graded than any other gemstone. Diamond is composed of pure carbon,like graphite,but its extreme hardness is a result of its atoms being compacted and bnonded by high pressures and high temperatures in the Earth’s upper mantle.

It has been associated with purity and fearlessness since ancient times and, more recently, with lov:) India was an important source of diamondS for centuries. Until the 1700s, the mines of northern India were especially prolific.

Diamond have aperfect crystal form and high symmetry. Uncut crystals may look greasy and somewhat rounded, but when broken to cut, the faces show brilliant adamantine ( diamond-like)luster and dispersion. This give the stone a fiery brilliance that is probably best displayed by brilliant cuts, which are the most popular today.

Diamonds are popular for all types of jewellery, such as earrings, brooches, rings, and bracelets. The stones are traditionally set in gold and platinum.

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