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Read CoralThe Coral is made by small and simple marine invertebrate animals such as the coral polyp, which is related to sea anemones. Their dense limestone (calcium carbonate) skeletons cluster together and build up over thousands of years into coral reefs and coral islands. Corals can exist as single, usually cone-shaped coralites, commonly called horn corals. Most corals, however, are joined together in massive colonies. The Most abundant fossil corals are scleractinian corals in reefs Precious coral has long been used for jewellery and decoration.

The Romans believed red Mediterranean coral had magical and medicinal properties, and Roman children wore coral necklaces as protection from dangers. The Gauls used coral to decorate their helmets and weapons. Victorian babies from wealthy famili,es had teething rings of coral Precious red and white corals are 'especially used for jewellery. Pieces are cut as cabochons and many are faceted and fashioned as beads. Coral with different shapes is perfo­rated to be strung as necklaces and bracelets. Domed pieces are formed to set in brooches, and others are used in earrings, pendants, pins, and rings, as well as being carved into small figurines and cameos.
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