The ruby is one of Asia's most revered gemstones. In India, it is known by the ancient Sanskrit names ratnaraj, "King of Gems," and ratnanayaka, "Leader of Gems." The Hindus believed that he who made offerings of rubies to The god Krishna would be reborn as a powerful king. According Myanmaran tradi­tion, wearing rubies will make your wishes come true. The gems are also believed to give their wearers sexual appeal and protect them from danger One of the most durable of gems-second in hardness, only to diamond-the ruby is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, infused with trace elements of chromium which gives the gemstone its red color. The name comes from the Latin word ruber, for red. Fine rubies are rarer than top-quality diamonds. They are also far more expen­sive, perhaps because red has always symbolized man's strongest passions, and no embodiment of red equals that of a first-rate ruby.

Rubies should be evaluated nder different intensities of light. A very strong light normally gives a ruby a very intense colour,while normal light may show a less intense colouring. The stones should also be assessed for their smmetry by placing them face up
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